Sentiment Analysis : AI for Chatbots in 2022

Sentiment Analysis : AI for Chatbots in 2022

Give your customers a superior experience

Chatbots are now the most picked mode to serve your customer instantly with numerous services online. But do you know in spite of only giving service to your customers, you can tag and Measure your customer’s sentiment using sentiment analysis which will help you to Encounter Customer’s satisfaction with Chatbot’s Service.

By adopting new AI features chatbots are becoming more capable to give your customers a more intense experience. Sentiment analysis is one such feature that can decode customers’ mood instantly and effectively from voice or text messages and drive the conversation flow according to the user’s satisfaction.

Recently Preneur Lab has developed this feature in chatbots where we segregate user’s data into 3 categories that are Positive, Negative and Neutral with 90% accuracy. These data sets are trained with a training module using a sentiment track automation process. This feature is empowering the Robi Chatbot to recognize user intent to give customized service to the users.

Why do you need Sentiment analysis in your chatbot?

If you want to boost your user experience and engagement with your brand then Chatbot Sentiment Analysis would be the top-notch solution for your business. 

This chatbot AI feature will help to serve both kinds of customers that are satisfied and unsatisfied driving through necessary services. As with this feature, bot will understand the mood of the users whether angry or happy, so it will be easier to offer your customers their desired service or product accurately.

Sentiment Analysis in your chatbot also will thrive your customer experience with the satisfactory engagement of the users. This feature can leverage machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to understand the score of emotions of the customers and act effectively so the customers can get the utmost satisfactory service.

The right response to the right customer is the door of opportunity to your business. So if you are using chatbot to serve your customers then Chatbot Sentiment Analysis feature would be the great pick to understand your customer’s query accurately and be able to ensure relevant responses and product recommendations as well.

Last but not least, Sentiment Analysis will help you to filter your valuable customers for your business based on their words and messages. This can help you to figure out your actual targeted customers and focus on them.

Verily adoption of AI features in chatbot has made it advanced and potent to deliver a better experience to the users. Even the proper training of sentiment analysis in chatbot can knock off the human agent to some extent.

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Sentiment Analysis : AI for Chatbots in 2022

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