Games in Chatbot for Boosting Engagement

Games in Chatbot for Boosting Engagement

Do Games boost user engagement in your chatbot?

Undoubtedly Chat Bots tend to be the most trendy and successful mechanism for automated customer service in the leading edge. And by the time it’s getting popular in the gaming industry too. Games in Chatbots or Game Bots both are improvising the chatbot industry to a different dimension.

How Games can help to boost user engagement 

Games are one of the prevailing components of entertainment worldwide. Game Bots are using this advantage to increase user interaction. There are lots of game bots in the industry but games in chatbots are not too many, especially in customer service-based telecom chatbots. Yes, nowadays AI-powered chatbots are providing gaming facilities to the users with their other basic services. This is helping chatbots to boost user engagements and interactions. The presence of various funny or brainstorming games like Wordle makes the chatbots unique from other mainstream service bots. On the other hand, various promotional campaigns of chatbot games can leverage your user engagement. You can drive your Facebook audience to the messenger chatbot through game challenges activity, also there is an option to “Challenge your Facebook friend” which boosts your user interactions with the bot.

So why should you add games to your chatbot?

Well, Chatbots are not meant to deliver only business services. If you want to retent your customers not only with good services but also with a distant experience, games could be a standout choice for this. Chatbot games can –

  • Make your chatbot more exclusive from others
  • It can give your users a funny and entertaining experience
  • It will boost user engagement and interaction which will be beneficial for your other services in chatbot
  • Users can have way more fun by having multiple games on one platform
  • Chatbot games are easy to play that users don’t need to download

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Games in Chatbot for Boosting Engagement

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