Never miss a customer / opportunity again! Your business will be active 24x7 in your Facebook and other chat apps.

Chat Anywhere

Dost.AI supports Facebook, Messenger, Google Asistant, Viber, Skype, Twitter and many more platforms.

Human Touch

Bots are so well trained it is almost impossible to guess if it is a bot or a real human.


Bring out meaningful analysis and data. Make business decisions based on user feedback and interest.


Integrate and fetch data from any platform like WordPress, Facebook, WooCommerce or any platform.


Option to add Human handover or Human support integration. Uninterrupted syncing between human agent and bot. Instant handover.

How AI can Boost Your Business



> Unlimited Users
> 1 Facebook Page
> 15 different Intent/Entity
> Minimum 6 months commitment

BDT 6000 or USD 70 per month x 6 months

> Unlimited Users
> 1 Facebook Page
> 30 different Intent/Entity
> One API Connectivity (WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, eCommerce etc)
> Agent Panel
> Minimum 6 months commitment

BDT 8500 or USD 100 per month x 6 months

> Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter and More
> Unlimited Users & Conversations
> Dedicated Server
> Dedicated Team for Management Support
> Dedicated Human Agent Team
> Unlimited API connectivity

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100% Custom Made

Built for Your Business

How it works?

Users will message on inbox or comment in your posts. Our AI will talk as like a human agent.

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Let AI work for Your Business

Use Artificial Intelligent to keep your brand 24x7 in Social Media and Chat Platforms.

  • Automate Messenger and Chatting.
  • Show and Sale Products.
  • Reply to Queries. Solve Customer Problems.
  • Send Push Alerts.
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Speak Any Language

Dost.AI Engine understands a wide range of languages including Bangla, English and Banglish! Any new langague can be trained easily.

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Automate and Reply to Page Comments!

  • Automate Social Media Comment Management.
  • Remove unwanted comments.
  • Reply Page Comments in Messenger Privately.
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Sounds unbeliveable? Test Yourself!

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AI for Your Business